About Us

About us

Over View about TicketSuite

Ticket Suite is an online platform dedicated to helping people connect with communities and the causes they care about. Ticket Suite is a product of Telelink Limited. Telelink Contact Centres were established in 1993 and have worked in Charity, Corporate and Government sectors for over 23 years. Telelink values feedback from its clients and have listened to their needs to provide a facility that connects their clients and customers to help each other. We are proud to produce Ticket Suite that we believe it will improve the experience to run events, fundraise and connect for sponsorship.

What can Ticket Suite do?

  • create an event
  • issue a ticket (free or fee)
  • collect money for ticket
  • can check the ticket at the door using Ticket Suite phone app
  • can give a donation to a registered charity
  • can enable peer-to-peer fundraising
  • and can attract sponsorship

Who can use Ticket Suite?

  • Anyone who wants to hold an event and issue a ticket (free or fee)
  • Anyone who wants to help their favourite charity by peer to peer fundraising
  • Anyone who wants to donate to support the cause or their friends and family participating in the event
  • Anyone who wants to be a sponsor for the event or cause
  • Anyone who wants help to make their event or fundraiser a success by using additional Contact Centre Services

Ticket Suite is proud to provide,

  • One Stop Shop - Ticket Suite has consolidated platforms so ticketing and fundraising is managed in one place
  • Stop Wasting Money - If you are a charity and have a lower merchant fee rate to our competitive corporate merchant fee rate then connect your account instead and make more savings on higher bank fees.
  • Access extra help to improve Return On Investment - The Ticket Suite Contact Centre is available to sell tickets, call for donations, enlist champions, partner you with professional event management teams and refer you to qualified fundraising consultants
  • No merchant account - Ticket Suite can collect funds for you and transfer to your account the next working day after your event.
  • Event Promotion - Monthly Newsletters to our database members and webpage promotion are vehicles that will increase awareness about your event.
  • Protect your BRAND, Screen and Approve Champions - As the approved Event Manager you will have the ability to vet and approve/decline participants who want to conduct peer to peer fundraising, minimising risk to your brand, but more importantly helping you nurture your champions to do more fantastic fundraising.
  • Receipt - Customise your receipting templates and deliver in real-time. Save in postage.
  • Need technical support? - Contact our friendly team that will help with your technical queries.
  • Multiple payment methods - We have a good range of methods for your customers to pay.
  • We are NZ owned and operated - New Zealand is a proud little country with amazing talented and skilled people. We have a diverse team and can cater to many diverse languages..
  • Real-time Ticket Scan - you can scan tickets connect to our web based portal and see how many people have entered your event using your mobile phone app
  • Pre-download for Ticket Scan - if your event is a remote venue without internet connection, pre-download of sold tickets will allow you to scan tickets on entry for upload at a later time.
  • Expert Sales Team - we have more than 23 years sales and fundraising experience and can make sales calls on your behalf to bring optimal results to your event!
  • Access to our expert fundraising consultants and network. - Just ask our Ticket Suite Team who can partner you with key networks to assist your needs.

For any enquiries, we would be happy to help you feel free to contact one of our Ticket Suite Team helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz