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Learn More about TicketSuite

Ticket Suite is proudly New Zealand owned and operated and is designed to be simple, easy and more beneficial to your cause. We have developed innovative online solutions to assist you to be better at fundraising and managing events and that can help you beyond what other similar services can currently provide.

  • Do you want to run an event for free or for a fee?
  • Do you want to do peer to peer fundraising?
  • Do you need sponsors?
  • Ticket Suite is the place that can help you.

Why use Ticket Suite?

Ticket Suite is a one stop shop where ticketing and fundraising is managed in one place to make it easier for you. We can help you stop wasting money, if you are a charity and have a lower merchant fee rate to our competitive corporate merchant fee rate then you can make more savings.

You don’t have a merchant account? Doesn’t matter, Ticket Suite can collect the funds for you and transfer to your account.

You could also use our Ticket Suite Contact Centre to sell tickets, call for donations and enlist champions on your behalf. We can partner you with professional event management teams and refer you to qualified fundraising consultants. To talk to one of our team click here (or email helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz)