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About Us

Overview of TicketSuite

TicketSuite is an online platform dedicated to helping people connect with the community and the causes they care about. TicketSuite is an innovation of Telelink Limited. Telelink Contact Centers were established in 1993 and have worked in the Charity, Corporate and Government sectors for over 23 years. Telelink values feedback from clients and have listened to their needs to provide a facility that connects their clients and customers to support great causes. We are proud to offer TicketSuite and we believe it will improve the experience of running events, fundraise and connecting to peer to peer sponsorship.

What can TicketSuite do for you?

  • Create professional looking event pages
  • Issue a ticket (free or paid depending on needs)
  • Collect funds for ticketing
  • Ability to check tickets at the door using the TicketSuite phone app
  • Ability to donate to a registered charity
  • Ability to run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  • Presents a professional platform to attract sponsorship

Who can use TicketSuite?

  • Anyone who wants to hold an event
  • Anyone who wants to help their favorite charity
  • Anyone who wants to donate to support friend or family members fundraising campaign
  • Anyone who wants to be a sponsor of the event or cause
  • Anyone that wants to streamline, remove the hassle from and enjoy their charitable, community or peer to peer campaigns.

TicketSuite is proud to provide,

  • One Stop Shop - TicketSuite has consolidated platforms so ticketing and fundraising are managed in one place depending on your needs.
  • Stop Wasting Money - If you are a charity and have a lower merchant fee rate compared to our competitive corporate merchant fee rate then connect your account instead and make even more savings per transaction.
  • Help to improve Return on Investment - TicketSuite’s association with Telelink contact centers means we can provide Contact Centre services to sell tickets and call for donations on your behalf as an add-on service for your convenience.
  • No Merchant Account? No problem! - TicketSuite can collect funds for your event or campaign and transfer them to your verified account the next working day after your event or campaign wraps up.
  • Event Promotion - We send a monthly newsletter to our database members along with webpage promotion and social media which are great channels to increase awareness about your event. We are happy to cross-promote your event or campaign via these channels as an add-on service as needed.
  • Protect your Brand by screening Champions - As the approved Event Manager, you will have the ability to vet and approve/decline participants who want to conduct peer to peer fundraising, minimizing any potential risk to your brand, as well as forecasting where/who needs that extra push on efforts.
  • Receipt - You can customize your receipting templates and deliver them in real-time saving you on postage costs and staff overheads.
  • Need technical support? - Contact our friendly team, we can help with your technical queries Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Multiple payment methods - We have a range of payment methods for your customers to make payment.
  • We are 100% NZ owned and operated - Being 100% NZ owned gives as a unique insight to the local market as well as that we also have a multi-ethnic team, so chances are we do speak your language too.
  • Real-time Ticket Scan - With our mobile app you can scan tickets, connect to our web portal and see how many people have entered your event. This function is great for financial tracking and analysis for your next event.
  • Pre-download for Ticket Scan - If your event is being hosted at a remote venue without reliable internet access, a pre-download of all sold tickets will allow you to scan tickets on entry for upload later.

For any inquiries, we would be happy to help you feel free to contact one of our Ticket Suite Team helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz