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3 Easy steps to purchasing a ticket on TicketSuite
  1. Search for your event

    You can search for an event on the homepage by filling in the fields

    Click on the event image

  2. Book a Ticket

    You can book a ticket by scrolling down to booking field.

    Click on book and make an order

  3. Pay for your ticket

    You can pay for your ticket by either logging in if you are currently a registered member or create an account.

    Complete the fields and click pay now

    Make payment using Poli or Credit Card

Your ticket will be emailed to you and you can use this ticket to attend the event.

3 Easy steps to making a donation
  1. Search for your Champion you would like to donate too

    You can search for a champion on the homepage by clicking on ‘Donate’ and clicking on ‘Support’

    Find the champion you would like to support by entering their details into the search field and then click on their image.

    Click on their image

  2. Make a donation

    You can make a donation by clicking on ‘Give now’.

    Complete the fields and click ‘Submit’

  3. Make payment

    You can make a donation payment by using Poli or Credit Card

    A receipt of the payment received will be emailed to you

Your donation will appear on the Champion’s page.

Do you have to be a charity to use TicketSuite?

No, any event requiring ticketing can use TicketSuite.

How much does it cost?

TicketSuite has two price plans. A Standard Suite Plan and a Deluxe Suite Plan.

If you have a merchant account then the Standard Suite Plan is best for you. This allows all payments from your event/fundraiser to be deposited directly into your account. TicketSuite will only charge a small fee of 1.5% per transaction.

If you do not have a merchant account then the Deluxe Suite Plan is best fior you. This allows you to use TicketSuites internet banking facilites and TicketSuite will despoit all the funds raised into your allocated account. TicketSuite will only charge a small fee of 4% per transaction.


What is a merchant account?

A Merchant account allows you to use internet banking facility’s which accept credit card payments.

If your organisation can accept payment this way then you can add your payment facility details and all money raised through TicketSuite will be deposited directly into your account.

What if I dont have a merchant account?

If you do not have a merchant account, dont worry you can use TicketSuites internet banking facilities. The Deluxe Suite Plan will ensure TicketSuite will pay the Event Manager and Recipient Organisation all funds from the relevant payments of your event/fundraiser.

For Ticket sales of an event, payments will be made on the first Monday after the event is completed.

For Champion donations to a fundraiser, payments will be made the first Monday leading up to and after the event untill all donation payments are made.

If the first Monday following your event or after recieving all donations falls on a public holiday then payments will be made on the first business day following the public holiday/s.



How do I create an event on TicketSuite?

Go to the Homepage and click on ‘Login’

Click on ‘Register as an organisation’ Even if you are not an organisation you need to complete this form to create an event.

Submit form

Your application will be reviewed and if approved you will receive a registration confirmation email.

Set a password and Login. Now you can create an event.


Go to ‘Dashboard’

Click on ‘Create an event’

Complete the form and submit

Your event is now live

How do I get champions doing peer to peer fundraising for my event/cause?

Finding champions who support your work is key to building any organisation. TicketSuite offers you an opportunity for your champions to help through peer to peer fundraising.

You can encourage as many Champions as you want to go onto TicketSuite and setup a Champion profile for your event. You have the ability to approve them before their profile goes live. Login and go to 'Profile'  Click on "Approve Champions' . Search and approve champion.

They can now share their Champion Profile through their networks on Facebook and email.

All money fundraised by champions will go directly into your allocated account.

How do I check how much funds I have raised from ticket sales and donations?

Login and go to ‘Dashboard’

Click on ‘Manage Events’

Click on ‘Statistics’

This will bring up everything at a quick glance


To have an in-depth look at who has brought Tickets to your event click on ‘Manage Tickets’

To have an in-depth look at your donation information click on ‘Donation Report’

To view any sponsorship requests click on ‘Sponsorship Requests’ (this will only appear if you have requested sponsorship requests when you created your event)

How do I collect the funds from the ticket sales and champion fundraising?

The Standard Suite plan allows funds from the ticket sales from your event to be directly deposited into the account assigned by the recipient organisation.

The Deluxe plan allows TicketSuite to receive payments on your behalf and deposit your funds into the recipient organisations nominated account. See Event Manager terms and conditions for more details.

How do I set up a Champion page?
  1. Go to the ‘Homepage’

  2. Click on ‘login’

  3. Click on ‘Register as an individual’ – already registered – go to 6

  4. Complete and submit form

  5. Champion confirmation email received. Set password.

  6. Click on ‘Give Support’ then click on “Be a Champion’

  7. Complete form and submit

  8. Once approved your Champion page is live and ready to be shared on Facebook and email.

  9. To view your champion page click on ‘My pages’ and then “My Champion Pages’

  10. To share click the ‘FB share button on your page.

  11. Now your friends can donate to the cause you care about by clicking on the ‘Give Support button on your page.


How many events can I create?

You can create as many events as you wish. You could even use it to register for meetings, conferences, hui, fono and social gatherings.

I’m a small business owner and I provide public training in my offices, can I use TicketSuite?

Yes, TicketSuite is ideal for many small businesses that have small group training or do group seminars of any sort, from recruitment seminars, school open days to End of year Christmas Parties. No event is too big for TicketSuite.

To register now get in touch with our team helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz

What is an Organisation?

A recipient organisation could be a charity, a company, a business, a sport group or basically anyone who would like to hold an event. They will be responsible for hosting the event and receive all payments from ticket sales and donations.

What is an Event Manager?

The Event Manager is the delegated person who will represent the recipient organisation for the event. This person will have administration rights to approve champions and be responsible for all the information of the event being loaded onto the TicketSuite site. They will be the primary contact for any queries relating to the event. TicketSuite will deal directly with the Event Manager.

What is a Champion?

A Champion is the person who will fundraise for the event. They can set up a profile page and will send this link on to their network via social media or email to fundraise. All Champions can be approved by the Event Manager before their profile is published.

What is a Supporter?

The Supporter is an individual or organisation that gives funds to the champion towards the event they are fundraising for. The Supporter has a selection of online payment gateways to choose from.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is any person or organisation that wants to sponsor the charity. There is a link for them to connect with the Event Manager to discuss what level of sponsorship they wish to contribute. The sponsorship contract is between the Event Organisation and the Sponsors Organisation directly.

What should I do to support a champion?

Firstly, you need to go onto TicketSuite and click on the Give Support link on the Homepage. Then click on Be a Supporter and now all you need to do is search for the Champion you would like to support.

Can I advertise my event on TicketSuite?

Feature your event on our homepage where everyone can see it, great marketing promotional options available for you to improve publicity to all our members and their networks.

Our prices are very competitive. Get in touch to learn more. We are also keen to work with brands that would like to support a good cause. If you’d like to hear the great ideas we have in this Space, get in touch. helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz

What is the minimum and maximum donation amount?

The minimum donation amount that can be accepted is $1.00 and the maximum donation amount in one transaction is $1,000.00

How can I be better at fundraising?

TicketSuite can provide trained and experienced consultants to work with you to maximise your events and fundraising opportunities. We will aim to connect you with the right consultant to assist you to do better at managing an event and fundraising for your cause. Feel free to talk to our experienced team to discuss how you can maximise opportunities. marketing@ticketsuite.co.nz

Does TicketSuite monitor pages?

Although we don’t determine what is a good or worthy cause or event, we do take steps to provide a safe platform for all our users. All new pages whether it is an event or champion page, must adhere to our Terms & Conditions and TicketSuite reserve the right to remove any pages which breach our terms and conditions.

What should I do if I’ve received harmful communications on Ticket Suite?

If you're subject to a harmful communication from an individual on the Ticket Suite site (e.g., this could be through the sponsors or ticket selling) you can get in touch with Ticket Suite and let us know.
E-mail helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz with a link to the page in question and what communications you have received.

Where can I learn more?

If you need assistance or have another question, please contact helpdesk@ticketsuite.co.nz