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Wednesday, July 26 AT 9:00 AM - Sunday, December 31 AT 5:00 PM

Take the challenge to raise funds for Discovery Scholarships by selecting to Face your fears, Get Fit or take Action to make a difference.

Face Your Fears: Get your friends and family to sponsor you to overcome your fear, challenge yourself to conquer your fear and support other teens to attend Discovery.

Get Fit: Make a fitness goal, get you friends and family to sponsor you to reach your goal and support other teens to attend Discovery.

Take Action: Make a commitment to make a difference in your community, school or family and tell everyone about it. Get people to sponsor you, take action and support teens to attend Discovery. This challenge is about taking action to make something better.

Location: New Zealand
Organiser: Discovery Foundation
Organiser Description

The Discovery Foundation exists to give young people the skills, tools and strategies that enable them to get the best out of life and to deal effectively with life’s challenges. Discovery is designed to promote self-esteem and to encourage young people to reach their full potential.

Discovery Challenge - 26th July, 2017
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