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Saturday, August 4 AT 10:00 AM - Saturday, August 4 AT 4:00 AM

We need to get our under 11's to the Junior League Festival in Whakatane.
This Junior League Festival is a unique three day competition for young league players. The purpose is to give them an opportunity to play against clubs from around New Zealand and Australia, in a competition founded upon enjoyment and togetherness!
This grassroots sporting showpiece, held over three days, will focus on participation, friendship, and the communion of enjoyment through sport.

help us to help our boys be apart of this great event. Sponsor a champion, one of the boys in our team. We are asking you to sponsor per lap they complete to drive them to perform to their maximum abilities. Each champion will list on their page how many laps they completed and you can make your donation by clicking on the green tab "Give Now"

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Organiser: Junior Rugby League Fundraiser
Organiser Description

Help fundraise to get our Under 11 team to the Junior League Festival in Whakatane in September. We need you to donate to your chosen team player.

Junior League Run-a-thon - 4th August, 2018
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